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How to Make Money from Mobile Phones

How to Make Money from Mobile Phones

Mobile-only Adverts for Internet Handset Browsing

This works on two levels: Solution

Firstly, your mobile phone site at has an advertising area at the very top of the screen and similarly, at the very bottom of the screen. Both of these sections are dedicated exclusively to mobile phone advertising and they are not visible on your regular non-mobile site.

The income generated from this advertising is entirely for you.

Use of this feature is completely optional and we have built intelligence in to the display of these advertising screen areas. In other words, if you do not want cell phone adverts to appear at the top and/or bottom of your mobile site, simply leave these two areas empty; and they will disappear from view.

Third Party Mobile Advertising Solutions

Numerous companies offer sophisticated affiliate advertising solutions for mobile websites. The more innovative solutions will detect whether or not the visiting customer is browsing on a mobile device; and display the adverts accordingly. 

For example, Google AdSense offers a pay-per-click mobile solution and Trade Doubler offers pay-per-click adverts and commission based adverts for sales.

Once again, the income generated from this advertising is entirely for you.

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