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Mobile Phone Site Builder

Mobile Phone Website Templates & Web Hosting

Mobile internet is going to overtake global desktop internet browsing. It's just a question of time and some analysts believe it could happen as soon as 2014.


The Internet Future is Here

The centre of gravity has moved and the shift to mobile web access has been accelerating rapidly since around 2007, when smartphones arrived on the scene.

In some parts of the world, more people already surf the internet using mobile phones, compared with using desktop computers and laptops. e.g. China 19 July 2012.

Yet with so much at stake, millions of internet websites look terrible on a phone and many are completely unusable. Our service, as used by hundreds of people all over the world, provides a quick and easy solution to this problem.


Mobile Internet Revolution

Surfing the internet has become polarised with the development of smartphone browsing, in contrast to high-resolution large screen desktop computers and laptops.

This is your opportunity to reach out to a new customer base. Don't get left behind, because now is the right time to capture this huge audience surfing the web on handset browsers.


Any Smartphone

It's a bold claim to make, but we believe your new mobile phone website created at will look great and perform extremely well on any smartphone device.

Check it out for yourself and view this website right now on your iPhone (Apple iOS), Google Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Symbian handset device.


Our Solution

We offer a low-cost site builder, enabling you create a stylish website for display on the biggest computer screens, along with a super fast website for display on mobile phones.

With web hosting included as part of the service, we are talking about a simple system to develop your new business site for mobile internet browsing.


Hidden Treasure: $84.00

You don't have to look too hard, but this site contains hidden treasure, worth GBP: £54.00; USD: $84.00; EUR: €66.00; CAD: $96.00; AUD: $96.00 when you shop at

Cell Phone Website Templates & Web Hosting
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